Let Miley Cyrus and Kanye West be a lesson to you; The VMAs and the plight of “pay attention to me, dammit”

MTV capture

Warning: Mature content. Real song lyrics quoted. Because some folks think this stuff deserves awards. Every year, thousands of exceptional writers, thespians and musicians create art that stirs the soul, feeds the mind and changes the world. And yet we Continue reading

Bridget from cardholder services is stalking me.


Bridget from cardholder services is stalking me. She calls me two, sometimes three, times day with urgent news about my credit card account.  If I hold the line for an operator, I can talk to one of her friends about Continue reading

Police lives matter because our lives matter

sean bolton

Officer Sean Bolton’s life and death matter because he believed OUR lives matter. The Memphis police officer valued our lives enough to protect us and bravely confront the evil we like to pretend doesn’t exist. God bless the men and Continue reading

What is it going to take to outrage folks about selling dead baby parts?

Planned Parenthood vid

What’s it going to take to outrage Planned Parenthood supporters? When does it go too far? Selling mutilated baby parts for research is OK. How about selling them for nutritional supplements? There is no denying what’s in the videos. Representatives Continue reading

You can’t tip a cow, but you can fling a cow chip


You can’t tip a cow, but you can throw a cow chip Life lessons you learn growing up in rural America “Have you ever tipped a cow?” No. Aside from being a cruel thing to do to a helpless animal, Continue reading