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February 24, 2021

A bully-free online community for moms? Yes, please.


Face the facts, there is no such thing as a “perfect mom.”

That’s why it’s so tragic for moms to slam and shame each other over silly differences in parenting styles.

Unfortunately, too many of us like to think we’re perfect moms – compared to those OTHER women. It needs to stop because we’re making ourselves look like a bunch of Regina Georges passing around a Burnbook at a PTA meeting.

I’m NOT saying we shouldn’t speak out when a fellow mom does something that puts herself or her children in danger. Good Lord, yes, we have to address stuff like that – but do it in a loving manner. If we disagree on other issues, skip the “You suck as a parent!”, “Why hasn’t child services taken your kids?” and  the self-righteous “I would never do that” statements.

We need to stop the personal attacks. Quit the petty nyah-nyah bickering about things like boob versus bottle, working mom versus stay-at-home mom, and all the other ridiculous divisive crap that alienates us from each other.

Julie Maida, writer at Next Life NO Kids,  wanted to create a place that embraced differences, promoted kindness and provided safe places where women could be imperfect moms, without the Burnbooks. Having struggled herself with postpartum depression, Julie knew how difficult and vital it was to find judgment-free support online.

She and other bloggers eventually launched the Mom Movement, a platform for unconditional support for all mothers to give and receive. The Mom Movement offers an all inclusive support group on Facebook, an annual month long event every May, and a website dedicated to bringing honesty, positivity, and true support to all moms.

Check it out at

Let’s show our kids what it means to “play nice” and respect differences.

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