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February 16, 2019

A reader shares her true story about another roadkill goldfish

Donna, a blogger at, encountered her very own roadkill goldfish. I’ll let her tell the story:

ImageThis is the story behind this picture. I was walking with my daughter one evening in the neighborhood to take pictures with our new cameras. I looked down and saw this poor goldfish with a hole in its belly and screamed! Look! A dead goldfish! We both started laughing yet felt saddened at the same time because it looked so horrible – like goldfish roadkill!

Everyone I show this picture to loves it!

I love it, too. The snack that smiles back, even from the Great Beyond. Thanks for sharing, Donna.

Notice: No actual goldfish were harmed in the making of Donna’s photo. Please love on living creatures and don’t subject them to cruel or unusual treatment.


1 Comment on A reader shares her true story about another roadkill goldfish

  1. LoL – who knew the day that I took a picture of this tasty snack that it would have such a unique future? We capture moments in time and never know where they’ll take us! Thank you Kim for sharing this story and just for an update, with the help of some bionic scales and yellow dye #5, he lives on! Thank you so much 🙂

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