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January 20, 2019

If we agree on just 70 percent of core values…

It’s tough to find someone who shares your exact viewpoints on everything.

Someone who always does what’s right in your eyes 100 percent of the time.

That’s why I‘m happy with just 70 percent.

If we can agree just 70 percent of the time, we can be great friends– the kind of friends who sit next to each other on a big comfy couch and eat ice cream right out of the carton.

If we can agree just 60 percent of the time, we can be good friends who sit across from each other at a local hamburger joint and share an order of French fries.

If we can hit at least 50 percent, we can be decent acquaintances who politely wave to each other at the grocery store.

If we agree on less than that, we can still be civil neighbors who don’t fling dog droppings into each other’s yards.

I don’t expect anyone to agree with everything that is posted on Roadkill Goldfish. Frankly, that kind of group think scares the snot out of me. I am going to write and say things you won’t like, and I hope we can agree to disagree without the need for angry emails or cancelled subscriptions. I hope all of us can have real discussions that don’t denigrate into name calling, shaming or questioning each other’s intelligence, faith or moral fiber.

To be fair, you need to know a little about this site’s six core values:

1) Personal responsibility: Bad things happen to all of us; however, these things don’t have to define or cripple you. I’ve been there as the free lunch kid with Goodwill clothes who grew up in a trailer park with a drunk stepdad. Stop blaming others for your life’s shortcomings; you have the power to change things as an adult, so do it. Own up to and learn from your mistakes. Look for and seize opportunities to improve. Help others when you can.  You’re not a victim, so stop acting like one.

2) Be a decent human being: Our actions impact others. Kids listen to celebrities’ vapid comments and emulate their idiotic behavior; meanwhile, parents are doing their best to save their children from the real life consequences that Hollywood won’t show. As adults, we have to deal with middle-aged tyrants at work and mean girls in the PTA because some perpetual adolescents still get off on bullying power trips. Be a decent human being, and treat yourself and others with dignity and respect.

3) Education is important: There is no excuse for ignorance. Challenge the so-called government “education experts” on the testing hell they’ve unleashed on our kids. Learn about the world around you. Listen to other points of view and form your own opinion rather than rehashing what’s trendy or politically expedient. Tip sacred cows and challenge others to think. Know your rights under the First Amendment, and never be afraid to speak out.

4) Be grateful: Most of my readers are American, and despite our country’s flaws, we’ve got more freedoms than any other nation in the world. That’s worthy of pride and protection. Be grateful for the thousands of American sons and daughters who are brave and selfless enough to defend those freedoms for us. Be grateful for law enforcement personnel and first responders who run into danger when others run away.

5) Have a little faith: I am one of those pesky Christ-following hypocrites who believes God made you and loves you unconditionally. I’ve lived half my life without Him, and half my life with Him, and I can honestly say the half with Him has been infinitely more rewarding. There is no way my human self can ever be fully like Christ, and I regularly mess up on stuff He wants me to do. That’s why I need a savior and why I promote respecting the faith of others, ministering to others and being real.

6) Have a sense of humor: Laugh at the world. Laugh with the world.  Don’t take yourself or others too seriously, and remember that EVERYONE will face at least one moment of public flatulence. Life can be pretty ridiculous, and no one makes it out of here alive, so you might as well enjoy it.

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Like I said earlier, you don’t have to go along with everything I say. However, I hope you’re good with about 70 percent of this post because I’ve got a bunch of spoons and a carton of Rocky Road in my freezer


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