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February 24, 2021

THIS quiz could save your teen driver

Driver’s Ed classes and the official state handbook don’t teach teen drivers everything they need to know about being behind the wheel. Your teen can still get a valid license without knowing a few important safety practices that […]

Why don’t boys like me?

Too many girls want to know how to make boys like them; boys should be wanting to know how to be worthy. Our girls are facing relationships standards that are rougher than we ever imagined, […]

When Helen was 107

It was a twisted mass of embroidery thread at the bottom of my sewing basket. Thread I hadn’t used in more than 14 years. It reminded me of her. We were sitting on a sofa […]

I want to quit being a mom

I have a confession. I have no idea what I’m doing with this whole parenting thing, and whatever I’m doing doesn’t seem to be working right now. I want to quit being a mom. There […]

Hubby 2: Snakes 0

Mother Nature is a punk. She lulls me outdoors to see the flowers and feel the breeze on my face – for the sole purpose of loading that breeze with cranium-clogging levels of pollen. She […]

I’ve got my puberty going on

Puberty sucks for both parents and adolescents. It’s a clumsy and hormonally-psychotic rite of passage that makes parents pine for toddler tantrums and makes teens look forward to the day they can put their dreadfully […]

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