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February 27, 2021


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  1. It would take hours but just a quick note. My fourth grade granddaughter came home after award ceremony on Wednesday depressed because they were told that nobody got A/ B honor roll in the fourth grade because they all failed the math starzz test. ODESSA ECISD

  2. There may not be a staar in kinder but there are standardized tests and, I assure you, staar prep work for when the kids enter the grades that do test. October brings Stanford. For kinder teachers in HISD the performance of their students on that test will be almost 1/3 of their job evaluations. When given, these teachers have had only 6 or so weeks with kids who may very well have never seen any sort of classroom or pre-school and are still learning the alphabet. 6 weeks!!!:$:”:&(/? What could that Stanford test tell me as a parent about the job his teacher is doing, my kids abilities and likelihood of success and my worth as a parent?? I have a better idea that will offer the politicians, the administrators and the planet more insight into all of the above and cost $000.00 to adopt. “Hey kid, do you like school?” The results with this method will yield way more useful info than any Pearson test.

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