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February 24, 2021

Why this Christian chick wears leggings

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A woman can wear leggings and be comfortable, fashionable AND Christian.

It all hit the fan when Christian blogger Veronica Partridge wrote she would no longer wear leggings or yoga pants in public because she learned men check out women wearing leggings or yoga pants in public.

No new news here.

Everyone knows guys will also check out women wearing stilettos, skirts, jeans, sweatpants, cat t-shirts, velour running suits and parkas.

Nonetheless, the blogosphere went bat-guano crazy. Some women openly mocked Partridge for her beliefs and accused her of perpetuating slut-shaming and rape culture. Others angrily defended their personal right to show fellow Target shoppers their butt, thighs and nether-regions covered by a form-fitting layer of unforgiving Spandex.

I don’t agree with Partridge’s position, but I don’t disagree, either. As a fellow Christian, I really can’t argue with a woman who acts out of conviction from the Holy Spirit; we’re supposed to do what the Holy Spirit tells us.

For those not familiar with church lingo, “conviction” is not a negative, punitive action. In its simplest definition, it is a feeling of being sure God wants you to change something. The Holy Spirit is the part of God that lives inside a believer.

Conviction is different for each person. Some people may feel convicted about drinking wine or wearing yoga pants, while others may not. Both are okay with God.

I admire Partridge for her conviction, but she and I are different. I often wear leggings out in public – paired with a tunic, t-shirt or oversized sweater. The only way people could see anything remotely provocative is if I did a full backbend, launched a few side kicks or Krazy ®-glued my hands to the top of my feet, which ain’t likely to happen at my kids’ school, office, grocery store or church.

Yes, I wear them to church. Yoga pants and leggings are not intrinsically unchristian. A woman can wear them and be comfortable, fashionable, modest and free from husband-poaching intentions. (See photo above.)

We’re missing the big picture:
Lust happens regardless of what women wear

Some of my fellow Christian ladies don’t agree. While reading comments generated from Partridge’s post, I came across things like:

  • “Women who wear those are just begging for attention.”
  • “I would never do anything to entice another woman’s husband.”


Sisters, we need to take a big step back and look at the big picture. Yes, modesty is an important part of Christian life, but while we pat ourselves on the back with sanitized hands, we are missing a HUGE chunk of reality:

It doesn’t matter what a woman wears; lust happens.

Yes, there is clothing that invites a little too much attention, but even an over-sized sweatshirt and a pair of overalls can cause testosterone to peak.

Let’s face it. If you’ve got boobs, you’ve got their attention.

And it’s not your fault.

Nor is it any other woman’s fault.

We cannot control what goes on in their heads.

I remember reading a blog post from a teenage girl who was chastised at a praise band practice because a boy was found masturbating in a darkened back row. The girl, who was naturally well-endowed, was accused of tempting the boy and was not allowed back on the stage.

Yup, she was totally begging for attention and deliberately enticing the guy.

Imagine how much worse the temptation would have been for him if she had been wearing yoga pants or leggings.

Or stilettos.

Or a parka.



14 Comments on Why this Christian chick wears leggings

  1. You are blind and you are lying. You don’t even have a relationship with Christ. What a woman wear DOES MATTER. PERIOD. Women are supposed to wear with modesty, period. Wearing Yoga (demonic) pants.(yoga is demonic, period) Listen I was in all that, new age, I know that 95% of men lust for woman wearing this, and it’s your fault too. In the judgement you are not going to hide behind your childish and sinful thoughts. Woman have to submit God, as men. And in this world of fashion, all that fashions are not invented by men of God, but by wordly homosexuals full of sin.
    That’s the truth. If you are a true christian you don’t even imagine in wearing leggings in the church. Oh my God!!!!! Lord!!!

    • Judgmental, much?

      I appreciate your feedback, but I have to admit that your tone almost made me miss the fact that you too were a Christian. To be honest, the rabid condemnation threw me a little bit, but then I saw the love and forgiveness through words such as “demonic,” “childish” and “sinful.”

      I forgive you for calling me a liar and temptress. We’ll have a lot more time to continue this conversation in Heaven.

      Peace be with you.

      Live in grace.

      • The above person is an example of why I am no longer Christian. The pure hatefulness of the post — nope. Nope, nope, nope. This kind of person is never satisfied, and I learned that the hard way.

        Your response, however, was supremely graceful, and I appreciated it.

  2. As a guy, I do not mind women/girls wearing any sort of form-fitting pants to church. It actually serves as encouragement for me to wear my own tight skinny jeans and spandex disco pants there. Overall I’m not bothered by people’s choice in clothing for church. Let each be guided by their own conviction as long as it is their own conviction. We all have things we don’t like to see or hear at church that may serve as stumbling blocks to us. But if we become overly sensitive to all those things we may end up going from Sundays in church with others to Sundays in solitude in a place of our own choosing.

  3. Bingo Kim I think you just hit the core of this thread. Motive? We all must check our motives when leaving the house. Thinking about our attire is something I struggle with and other times just don’t want to take on what everyone else interprets at inappropriate. We cannot judge each other in our choice of apparel as it is a fashionable personal statement. I will wear a shorter skirt, bling, lace or ruffles when going on a date to feel attractive. At church my motive is different and so wearing more modest clothing for the occasion so try to dress in such a way that I feel good about myself. At my church as a greater-watching the fashion show of attenders mingle in the foyer keeps my attention on what a great looking bunch of people and I mark which outfits I might try to copy next week. Many wear leggings, skirts, boots, scarves etc. and they all look sexy to me. I am a heterosexual woman, but if you look good; you just get my attention. Is the motive wrong for them to look stunning- no! If I see a woman wearing a plunging neck line with big breasts I give them the benefit of the doubt-first….. They don’t think like I do is this something they feel good in. What is the movie? How do we know? Maybe we should get to know the person and keep judgement in prayer. I think the dialogue is healthy- my ex-husband actually said he thinks modesty is sexier than a revealing hem line.

  4. To quote Partrige’s article, “The only time I feel (for myself) it is acceptable to wear them, is if I am in the comfort of my own home or if I am wearing a shirt long enough to cover my rear end.” And your article, ” I often wear leggings out in public – paired with a tunic, t-shirt or oversized sweater.” It appears that she has decided to wear them the way that you do. Personally, I’m sick of seeing the outline of body parts meant to be private! But hey that’s just my opinion

  5. I’m sure that was very humiliating. Shame on her and herinsecurities. Definitely not your fault. It is just as hard for guys to understand and women too. The venus mars thing lol. I’m sure that I’m not alone. Glad the ladies areladies and given what they’re given! Keep up your great posts!!

  6. Bravo Kim. Great post. I like the way your brain thinks, it’s kinda sexy. Shame on you for tempting me with your intelligence, insight and honesty, it’s all your fault.

    • My husband will be the first person to tell you that my brain has always been my best feature. Here’s the weird part- my brain tends to function like a guy’s- more analytical than emotional.

  7. Kim, I love you. You’re smart and talented. But, I have too chime in here as a man that fights my inner stirrings regularly. I have a beautiful wife and most loving rekationship and yes we struggle as men. But, it does help if the ladies don’t wear tight clothing or revealing necklines. Are you responsible for my eyes and lust?, No, but, it would be nice to go to church and not see mini skirts on girls or tight tops etc. Some things don’t help and even fuel the problem. I’m totally responsible for me. Just would help if ladies or gi r ls didn’t wear some things. I like them as much as as ny man. But, just not condusive to me sharing Jesus or Christian thoughts. Thank you for your blog!!! In Jesus

    • Thanks, Andy.

      Although I don’t understand the struggle men experience, I can definitely appreciate it. It can’t be easy when ladies are showing pretty much everything at church.

      My post is a response to the “it’s your fault” message that has been permeating Christian social media regarding the leggings controversy that erupted last week. I got weary of the blame and shame that was placed on women over things for which they had no control. I would say most Christian women are pretty mindful of how they could be perceived and don’t deliberately seek to incite; however, they can’t change how God built them.

      It may be tough to see this from a woman’s perspective, but I had an incident back in my Bellevue days (when I was single, skinnier and much younger) where an older woman chewed me out in the sanctuary because he husband was looking at me. I had just come from work, so I was wearing a professional dress, hose and heels. I didn’t even notice the guy was down the row from me, but this woman obviously felt I was deliberating tempting her husband. She blamed “my intentions” and my clothing. It was one of the most humiliating and infuriating experiences I’ve ever had.

      • Hey Kim! I’m sorry that that older lady chewed you out at church and accused you of having bad intentions. The Bible clearly states that we cannot judge the motives of the heart. With that said, as women we do have to be sensitive to the things that men see as stumbling blocks. The most God honoring attitude comes from a heart that is willing to sacrifice. We have to be sensitive to the needs and weaknesses of others. Sure there are perverts that will find a girl in a parka sexy, but I’m talking about normal men that are not sexually perverse and that have a strong desire to be moral and pure in thought. Men do find leggings sexy (provoking sexual thought or desire) unless worn under a longer skirt or dress. Anonymous Christian men that were polled agreed. The question is, what are you going to do with the information?

          • I think it is all based on intention and what God expects (wants). God wants us to dress modestly to glorify and represent him in a way that pleases him. It is also based on intention, because if you’re wearing things to attract men, then that is not what God wants. We are girls, so I believe that it is totally natural to want to look pretty and have fun with it, as long as it doesn’t represent us–God’s children–and what we stand for in the wrong way. I wear leggings and do not find them bad; however, I am aware that (I am going to be blunt) a girl’s butt protrudes in a way that can and will draw attention to boys. But that is when we are supposed to be intentional: I intensionally wear boots and a skirt with leggings to cover most of what would be seen with just bare skin. I am still in high school, and was in search for some clarification as to what other things out there could be modest as well. I understand that shorts or skirts or skorts over leggings helps for coverage. But what about a mini skirt (which covers one’s butt) with leggings? I don’t know…

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