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February 15, 2019

Christians need to stop promoting “50 Shades of Grey”

It must be an awesome movie if the Christians are upset. Christians speak out against it. Image:
It must be an awesome movie if the Christians are upset. Image:

Just like every other chick, I love a plot-deficient masochistic-bondage-domination love story between two thinly-developed and psychologically-damaged characters. (Intense sarcasm here.)

Nothing thrills me more than bad actors spouting crappy dialogue on the silver screen. The experience is even better when the actors are getting nekkid and Barry White-vibed music is playing in the background.

It’s even more titillating (no pun intended) to know thousands of Christians are wringing their hands and calling for boycotts over a laughable film that incorporates all of my “favorite things,” “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

In their efforts to discourage others from viewing the film, these individuals have unknowingly boosted its popularity and profitability.

Please stop.

You’re making things worse.

Whenever Christians make a public case denouncing something, the rest of the population rushes out to support it because our  hand-wringing tell them, “If Christians hate it, it must be AWESOME!”

If we would just leave this trash alone, it will die on its own.  We got preachy about 2014’s “Noah,” a  ridiculous retelling of the Great Flood complete with rock monsters and vengeful castaways, and our actions brought crowds into the theaters just to see what all the fuss was about. After losing 138 minutes they could never get back again, even secular audiences agreed the movie was crap. Nonetheless, the film still brought in more than $362 million from ticket sales.

We are the best publicity campaign a studio could ever wish for.

And we need to stop.

Basic on early reviews, “50 Shades” isn’t worth watching. Nearly 60 percent of the reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a negative review.  Despite the resounding “it’s pretty crappy,” all the hype and hysteria have made it the “must see movie” for Valentine’s Day weekend.

We helped make it that way.


Author’s note:
I am not saying my fellow Christian believers should not stand up to debauchery in our culture; however, I am urging them to pick their battles and choose tactics that do not financially enrich the content’s producers. In many of these cases, the best action is no action at all. Let the marketplace deliver the condemning blow.

If we want to battle culture, let’s take on the stuff that hurts our most vulnerable members of society — our children. All parents, faith-based and secular, recognize how inappropriate materials and messages can impact our kids, and we’re all willing to take a stand to protect them. If we can positively impact  this generation, we may not have films like “50 Shades” in the future.




3 Comments on Christians need to stop promoting “50 Shades of Grey”

  1. Thank you… that’s what I was saying… now I actually read the books… and the reason why was because I kept hearing about it so much that I was curious had to see what it was about… the more it’s talked about the more people are thinking about it… where if they had just ignored it I wouldn’t have bought it and neither would my friends have… it was virtually unknown until people started preaching against it…

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I have been so frustrated by all the hype and “don’t go see it” messages because it generates curiosity among folks who never would have considered it.
      The tactic goes against everything we know about human behavior.

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