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February 24, 2021

Does your 11-year-old need a push-up bra?

Are you looking for a way to mortify both moms and their tween daughters?

Go bra shopping at your local mall. You’ll find the tween underwear sections filled with underwire, heavily padded and push-up bras just like those available at women’s lingerie stores. Apparently retailers think mothers want their little girls to really fill out those One Direction t-shirts.

bra collection
Apparently every sixth grade girl needs a push up bra. The bras above can be found in the girls departments of the following retailers: (L to R) Justice, Target, JCPenney and Kohls

“You shouldn’t have to buy a sequined push-up bra when you’re 13,” said 18-year-old entrepreneur Megan Grassell.  “You shouldn’t have to feel pressured to look a certain way.”

Megan’s shock came last year while she was bra shopping with her tween sister and discovered a selection that was wildly inappropriate and ill-fitting for a developing body. Nonetheless, they had few options and Megan’s sister tried on what was available. An exclamation of “You can’t wear that!” came from big sister.

“I couldn’t believe the bras that she was supposed to buy,” said Megan. “The choices for her, and for all girls her age, were simply appalling to me. They were all padded, push-up and sexual. Not only that, they did not fit her body properly, which automatically made me wonder ‘Where were the young, cute and realistic bras for girls?’ There were none!”

So Megan got to work. She and her mother worked with seamstresses to develop prototypes, and soon Yellowberry, a start-up company that makes age appropriate bras for tweens, was born. Less than a month ago, Megan took her idea to the crowd-funding site Kickstarter in hopes of raising $25,000 for her new company. She received more than $41,000 in donations, much of it coming from the parents of tweens.

YB bras
The bras offered by Yellowberry are designed for young women between the ages of 11 and 15.
Yellowberry currently sells its tween-friendly bras on its website at There are two styles available now, and three new styles will be available in mid-May. The price point may be a bit high for now (about $40 per bra), but increased production should bring the cost down. Even so, the company completely sold out of its first stock of bras within just a few weeks.

Megan’s idea and company are introducing sanity to a market that is hellbent on sexualizing our girls, and I wish her the best for tremendous success.

Megan, you rock! Thank you for being the big sister EVERY girl needs.


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