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February 23, 2021

Happy Warrior Queen Day, Mama

Mothers Day CardDear fellow mom,

I searched long and hard to find the perfect Mother’s Day card for you, but there was nothing that truly captured the real essence of what you do for your family. The images of spring flowers, hearts and cuddly animals definitely praised your love and sacrifice, but these cards neglected an important element of your nature – your strong spirit and commitment to fight to make this world better for your kids.

Hallmark doesn’t make a card for warrior mamas like you.

Warrior Mama, you are rare among women. You have wisdom and gentleness, yet you also have bravery and strength. That scares the snot out of many people in our society, and frankly, I like to see them tremble when they see you in action.

Let’s talk about your wisdom.  A wise woman like you has understanding, discernment and sound judgment. You know what makes your kids tick, and you’re really good at distinguishing the “I’m tired” temper tantrum from the “adult person, bow to me” temper tantrum. As far as judgment goes, you have an innate sense about what do to. I’ve watched you bring your baby to the pediatrician just because “she doesn’t seem right.” I’ve seen you pull your child out of a baseball game when thunder clouds appeared in the sky. I was giving you mental high-fives because you made choices, based on mother’s intuition alone, that ended up protecting your child from a potentially dire consequence.

There is a gentleness that comes through your yoga pants and t-shirt ensemble. A gentle woman like you can miraculously cure a scraped knee just by kissing it. You can soothe a broken heart just by holding your daughter’s hand and listening to her cry over the boy who broke it off. You can make monsters disappear from closets simply by cuddling with a frightened little boy. Your words can rebuild a self esteem left in tatters by the 8th grade lunch table. You’ve got an amazing heart, Warrior Mama.

That same heart also makes you brave. There is so much love rushing through there that there are times when you feel like your heart is going to burst, and if danger makes that heart beat faster, you feel like you’re going to bust heads. A brave woman stands up to danger and puts the welfare of her children above herself. I’ve seen you run into the street to pull a jaywalking preschooler back to the curb. I’ve seen chase a pack of bullies out of your yard. Your bravery inspires me and it makes me want to form maternal street gangs to protect our children and communities.

Warrior Mama, you also have strength. Mind boggling strength. You can walk away from a screaming temper tantrum with a smile on your face. You can say “no” to a sulky teenager and lock his whiny butt out on the porch if he starts complaining. You have also have the strength to stand up for what you believe, and you won’t back down no matter what the critics throw at you. I’ve seen you take a stand on issues that affect children, and I’ve marveled at how the critics’ arrows seem to bounce right off. You are Her-cules, and you are my hero!

Warrior Mama, Mother’s Day doesn’t seem like an adequate tribute. You are a queen among women, and you deserve an entire week filled with flowers, cards, kid-drawn pictures and days off topped off by fireworks, parades and medal presentations. Until we get that week-long holiday designation, please accept my best wishes for a very happy Warrior Queen Day.

The world is a better place because of you.

Yours in Mama-ness,



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