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January 20, 2021

Oregon shootings: Christians need to stop saying everything works for good

It wasn’t God’s will.

God did not want nine people to die in Roseburg, Oregon.

It wasn’t God’s will that a mad man willingly dive headfirst into a searing cauldron of hate and choose to execute his teacher and classmates.

It was the murderer, Chris Harper-Mercer’s, will.

All of this happened because Chris Harper-Mercer chose to hate and kill.

Some Christians are trying to put a band-aid on this gaping wound by minimizing the horror of what happened. God wanted those nine people home. The Lord works in mysterious ways. All things work for good.

I interpret the “all good” verse (Romans 8:28), as God saying, “I can take all the crap you do to each other and redeem it for good.”

Yes, we’re the ones responsible for the crap we do to each other.

It does little good for politicians to grandstand about how this never would have happened if we had tougher gun laws. It does little good for others to say a student with a concealed-carry weapon could have taken him out before he had a chance to kill.

If a person chooses to kill, he is going to kill.

And he will use whatever he can get his hands on.

It’s never been God’s plan.

“I can take all the crap you do to each other and redeem it for good.”

How does he do that?

Through us.

His people.

He’s been calling us to intervene in this world for more than 2,000 years, to be salt and light. We can’t do it from our pews, and we certainly can’t do it while we pat ourselves on the back with sanitized hands.

We have to get our hands dirty.

We have get involve and put prayers into action.

Go to the crap, and pull others out of it.

Get righteously angry about what we human beings to do one another.

And then get busy changing the world.


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