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January 20, 2019

Hubby 2: Snakes 0

Mother Nature is a punk. She lulls me outdoors to see the flowers and feel the breeze on my face – for the sole purpose of loading that breeze with cranium-clogging levels of pollen. She […]

Confessions of a former feminist

  I am a former feminist. Despite our shared bonds of breasts, ovaries and male oppression, my feminist sisters have disappointed me. Everything changed, and I had no choice but to leave our 13-year relationship […]

I’ve got my puberty going on

Puberty sucks for both parents and adolescents. It’s a clumsy and hormonally-psychotic rite of passage that makes parents pine for toddler tantrums and makes teens look forward to the day they can put their dreadfully […]

Is it hate speech? You decide.

Many people aren’t exactly sure how to define “hate speech,” but they’re pretty confident they’d know it if they heard it. Would you? Take a look at some recent examples of comments that may or […]

Twerking mama inspires a meme

Uh oh. I’ve inspired a meme. Thank you to all the Goldfish friends who sent this to me. FYI to the copy editors: Webster’s is okay with “chaperon” or “chaperone.”

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