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February 28, 2021

Podcasts and Video Clips

Flickr, Patrick Breitenbach
Flickr, Patrick Breitenbach

Listen to Roadkill Goldfish on your iPod, smartphone, tablet or computer. All items are downloadable MP3 files.

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Texas officials upset over low STAAR scores; won’t admit problems with the test and curriculum:
Texas teachers and parents are fed up with the annual STAAR assessments, but our legislators won’t listen to the experts who say there are major problems with the tests and class content.

What your friends with cancer want you to know, but are afraid to say:
An eye-opening and compassionate podcast that shares an authentic look at 10 things your friends with cancer would tell you if they could be completely honest. Written by a cancer veteran.

Barfing in the Bloodmobile:
I’ve been banned from the Bloodmobile; apparently, they don’t like for folks to pass out a few times and toss cookies all over the steps. Here’s the story.

The Spatula Rice Krispies Incident:
Okay, so I accidentally tried to poison my brother 30 years ago. Why is he still afraid of my cooking today? Here’s the story.

Life as a White Hispanic: Let’s talk about race and ethnicity. Being a light-skinned Latina alienates me from both whites and other Latinos. Why does this happen?

What Happens When Child Bullies Grow Up? They Become Adult Bullies: Bullying behavior doesn’t magically end when the perpetrator hits 18; many continue the cruelty well into adulthood — because it works.

Dear Teachers, I owe you an apology: A mom apologizes to America’s public school teachers for misjudging them and basing her opinions about schools based on test scores. She was wrong, and she explains why. A must-hear for all teachers.

Listen to Kim Keller radio interview excerpts


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Kim Keller talks about what kids really do with social media
Today’s tweens – and their parents – can be pretty oblivious when it comes to social media. Media expert Kim Keller talks about what tweens are really doing online and what their parents think they’re doing.

Why do social media sites require users to be 13?
The answer is not what you might expect. Spoiler alert:  It has nothing to do with age-appropriate content.

Kim Keller interview with Fox and Friends
Every once in a while, the world takes notice when a woman stands up to current culture. Kim was a live guest on Fox and Friends and talked about how today’s culture and media add new and unwanted challenges to parenting.


Motherhood Milestone: Reaching the “No, That is Not Okay” Moment
Every mother reaches parenting milestones at her own pace; however, the “No, This is Not Okay” milestone often comes quickly thanks to our current culture.

This presentation, which was originally shared live with a Mothers of Preschoolers group, explains why this milestone is so important today and how four women in Scripture changed the world by proclaiming, “No, this is not okay!”

Thyroid Cancer: Two Weeks Post-Op
My voice finally came back, and I’m feeling somewhat normal. It’s time to take the Synthroid.

Thyroid Cancer: 6 Days After Thyroidectomy
I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer just a few weeks ago, and I am currently recovering from a total thyroidectomy. Thanks to the synthetic hormones, I’m fluctuating between energy bursts and naps, and hot flashes and cold chills; however, I am healing.
Thank you to everyone who has lifted up prayers for me and my family during this rough time. It’s a crappy situation, but God is using this for good.

My 5th Grader Talks About Taking a Four-Hour Standardized Test
My 10-year-son talks about the four-hour high stakes standardized test he took at school. It’s time for parents to fight the abuse and overuse of standardized testing in our public schools.

How Persuasion Works and How to Make it Work for You
The world would be so much easier if everyone thought logically. Present the facts and then everyone has to agree and get along. Nice idea, but it doesn’t work that way. Human beings are not logical. We base very few decisions, feelings or behaviors on logic and reason; we base the bulk of it on emotion. That’s why we have to use persuasion when communicating with others. Persuasion is about making and changing how people think, feel or behave.