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January 15, 2021

Roadkill Goldfish featured on Fox News Latino: What can Latinos do to improve our children’s education?

Fox LatinoMy great grandmother attended school for only three years, and my grandmother dropped out during eighth grade. Life circumstances limited their education. Bisabuela grew up in rural Puerto Rico during the early 1900s when public schools were virtually non-existent. Abuela came to New York as a toddler, but poverty forced her to drop out at 13-years-old so she could work to help support her family.

Thankfully, educational opportunities for Latinos have improved dramatically since then. My mother was the first high school graduate in the family, and I became the first college graduate.

The U.S. Department of Education released a study in 2012 that examined high school completion rates from 1972 to 2009. Overall, graduation rates have increased for all races and ethnicities, but Latinos have had the largest jump over the 27-year study. Get the full story at Fox News Latino.*

* I am very proud of my Puerto Rican roots, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my heritage and experience as a guest contributor for Fox News Latino.  Check out other pieces I’ve written for them.

4 Comments on Roadkill Goldfish featured on Fox News Latino: What can Latinos do to improve our children’s education?

  1. There’s a big difference between having ancestry and being ethnically part of a culture. First off, most people who claim to be “part” Native American really aren’t. Only %4 actually have ancestry, and even then you have to be enrolled for consideration as one.

    With that said, there’s a good chance you know next to nothing about England or Germany. Do you speak the language? Do you know of any customs? Do you have family and people that you would know upon stepping foot onto these countries? Furthermore, would they even consider you one of them?

    That’s the big difference because if you were ethnically these things, you would have answered yes to all of the following. The United States is a country founded on immigrants. While it is true that the Native Americans were here first (they AREN’T Asian by the way), it’s also true that they have their own sovereign nations that aren’t American. So with that in mind, yes, the United States is founded on immigration.

    Being able to have these different backgrounds and identities work together is definitely going to be a challenge, but no good thing is ever easy to achieve.

  2. I too am proud of my roots. Native American, German and English. It seems though that these days they are no longer important to anyone but me. As it should be. We have lost our ability to be a cultural melting pot. We have somehow lost the ability to blend as one. Great things come from great cultures and better cultures come from the best of all cultures blended in one.

    I am not drawing inference to your post, just saying that something is wrong when a leading news organization has a cultural news broadcast. When we focus on single cultures at the expense of others we segment. We need unity not division – we need those things that bond us as a people and a nation.

    I understand cultural heritage and embrace my own. I also understand that a house divide will fall. We need a culture of unity based upon common ground so we can build back the fire of Liberty in our hearts and freedom in our lives.

    • Nearly all the major news organizations have their own specialty branches. Why? They need reach diverse audiences, and they recognize you can’t use a “one size fits all” approach because each group has its own informational needs and wants. If you read the content from these specialty branches, you’ll find much of the general news is the same as what you’d find on the “basic” site; however, they address additional factors such as their audience’s language, predominant culture, and areas of interest.

      All Americans share tremendous commonality, but we also have diversity. This diversity is not dangerous, divisive or exclusionary; it’s just different. I firmly believe it’s good to have unity and differences within our society – as long as we don’t use those differences to harm or demean others. While I can’t speak about all culture-based news branches, I can definitely say Fox News Latino embraces that approach.

      • I too believe in diversity. It is but it is cultural diversity in society that is the danger. If all peoples were to remain amongst themselves, maintain their own language and not integrate into a common language and common heritage of America, then we are nothing more than groups of people that cannot communicate with one another or even a people with a common heritage or language. Even if that heritage is but a few days, weeks, months or years old, it is common to us all. And that is what binds Americans. Division of the people is not a good thing in any society. history has proven this.

        I am not advocating for a people of any background to shed the understanding of their roots. I am advocating that they bring them to the table, a common table that we can all sit at and be as one. They should not be kept to a small group.

        Fox news and any news outlet, also known as the Governments mouthpieces, are doing this country an injustices by speaking different languages to promote the same news. They are doing it for money with no understanding that it does not promote the common welfare of any people.

        This is not about race or lineage, it is about a strong society and nation. Irish Germans and Italians assimilated to the new world. No one had ballots in 16 languages for them. It was a choice to come to America. It is a responsibility to live as one. At least that is what our forefathers believed.

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