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January 27, 2021

Share some love with Matt Walsh for his Dear Son letter

ImageBlogger Matt Walsh doesn’t let Robin Thicke off the hook for his role in VMA’s Foam Finger of Seduction debacle. Read what this insightful and funny dad says to our sons.


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4 Comments on Share some love with Matt Walsh for his Dear Son letter

  1. Saw you on FOX News. A breath of fresh air. I am an Atheist, but believe and love morality, humanity, decency, honesty, etc… May you continue your unintended Mission & inspire others with same great virtues.

  2. Good on you for mentioning Matt’s post as well, and I’m impressed by the strength you’ve shown in fighting back against shall we say, less than complimentary commenters.

    However, I think in addition to the very valid comments about how prospective sons and daughters should respond, I think we also need to consider why this content exists in the first place.

    I’ve included a couple thoughts in a post of my own. I wonder what your thoughts are…

    • I wrote an earlier post about our boys – long before this went viral. Please see “What I want my son to know about girls.” Unfortunately, this one didn’t go viral.

      Your thoughts on the Thicke song are spot on. When I first heard the song, I liked the music and thought it was a great dancing song- the type of song you could do a Soul Train line with. (I’m severely dating myself, but I grew up watching the show with my mom.) However, my opinion changed when I listened to the lyrics. It is horrifically misogynistic. Why do artists make these songs? Because they sell. Because people don’t REALLY listen to the lyrics. The radio edits cover up the some of the offensive stuff, but there is a big surprise waiting for you when you download the actual version.

      Yeah, it’s just a song. Thicke’s camp said it was a satire, but there’s nothing satirical in veiled and not-so-veiled allusions to rape. I cringe when I see people singing along. You can put any message to a good beat and people will accept it.

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