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February 23, 2021

Truth vs Fear – Please stop posting fear based content

Fake news versus truth. Pixabay image.

An amazing thought-provoking read about fear and fake news from Brett Ullman.

“Is it just me or have we lost any basic critical reflection as a society? Many people seem to believe and share anything that comes to their social media feeds without doing any checking…

There are some assumptions with the language in all of these articles:

  • We really don’t know what is happening but the person posting does
  • If we only “opened our eyes” we would see that is truly happening
  • For some articles, there is this vast conspiracy that if we only knew the facts we would believe
  • We are pretty stupid as people and need to “get with the program” and what is really going on”

Please check out the rest of this exceptional article from Brett Ullman, and let me know what you think in the comments below. Brett takes the time to dissect an online conspiracy theory and shows us how to discern the difference between real and fake news.

Brett Ullman


About Brett Ullman
Brett Ullman is an author and speaker who travels North America talking to teens, young adults, leaders and parents on topics including sexuality, mental health, men, dating and media. He leads and directs Worlds Apart, a non-profit organization that focuses on faith and media.


Learn more about the dangers of fake news by reading a veteran Christian journalist’s perspective, “Did you hear Justin Bieber refused Satanic child sacrifice?”


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