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January 20, 2019

Teach your children the truth about the terrorism in (insert location here)

teach your child about terrorism

They were too young to really understand what September 11 meant to the western world.

They have no memories of watching hijacked passenger planes crash into the Twin Towers and Pentagon, nor do they have memories of the anguish and anger we felt after nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children died in a barbaric act orchestrated by what our media and political leaders now call “extremists.”

How can our children and young adults understand when we refuse to talk honestly about it?

How can they understand when today’s leaders won’t even call these attacks what they really are? How can they recognize an enemy that today’s leaders won’t even name?

Tel Aviv-based writer Eitan Chitayat wrote the following after the brutal executions of innocent civilians in Paris:

i’m all for tolerance.
but not for tolerating evil in the world.

we are at war and have been for a long time now.
it’s time to end the political correctness and come out and say it:
radical islam is THE biggest threat freedom faces.

not america. not the white man of today. or the black man. not the jews. not the english or french. not the rich. not the poor. not china. not capitalists. not the christians or the buddhists or the peace loving muslims of the world.

it is radical islam – and the world, including muslims, jews, christians and atheists alike, must say it. openly. the fact that world leaders are too afraid of saying it for fear of offending islam and facing a clusterf**k of epic proportions is horrifying. they must. look at what is happening.

say it.

September 11 was not caused by extremists, nor was (insert location here). I’m not trying to be flippant by leaving that space blank, but sadly, these damned events keep happening and all we do is wring our hands and “strongly condemn” the maniacs. Feel free to pick from one the locations that have already been hit – Brussels, San Bernadino, Fort Hood, Charlie Hebdo, Manchester, Mumbai, Nairobi, Madrid or Paris.  All were acts of radical Islamic terrorists; all were committed in the name of Allah.

My children, now 13 and 17, have spent the last seven years hearing our media and politicians talk about “extremist attacks” all over the world. They have no memory of media or politicians ever describing these events as “terrorism”, hence, their generation falsely believes that terrorism no longer exists. Even the remembrances of September 11 have erased the word.

They’ve grown up under the specter of terrorism and radical Islam, yet no one is allowed to acknowledge it as such.

France’s President Hollande called the Paris attacks terrorism, which is exactly how one should describe the executions of innocent men, women and children. He labeled their executioners in no uncertain terms – “an act of war was committed by a terrorist army … a jihadist army.”

Our children need to understand that  terrorists are an army with a battle plan. They are not a random collection of psychopaths or disgruntled individuals acting out because they feel the world is unjust; they are an army and a religious group with carefully considered beliefs and goals, led by men who have taken emulation of Muhammad as strict duty, and have revived traditions that have been dormant for hundreds of years* – slavery, beheadings, crucifixions, genocide and more.

Our children need to understand that terrorism justifies and celebrates its assaults. They are not freedom fighters pushing back on the oppressive tactics of the western world, they are fulfilling what they believe is a religious requirement – to return Islam to its earliest roots. This is why we have the extermination of Christians and “apostate Muslims” in ISIS controlled territory and celebrations over the executions of innocent shoppers at a mall, sports fans at a soccer game, diners at a restaurant, or families on airplanes.

Our children also need to understand there can be no compromising or negotiating with evil. History has shown us evil not does honor treaties, it does not seek to elevate others, and it certainly doesn’t shake with fear when leaders “strongly condemn” its attacks. Today’s society overflows with platitudes about how love can overcome evil, as evidenced by pop star Madonna’s words following the Paris massacre:

There are people who have no respect for human life, and there are people that do atrocious, degrading and unforgivable things to other human beings, but we will never ever, ever change this world that we live in if we do not change ourselves, if we do not change the way that we treat one another on a daily basis.

We must start treating every human being with dignity and respect, and this the only thing that will change the world… Only love will change the world, but it’s very hard to love unconditionally, and it’s very hard to love that which we do not understand or that which is different than we are, but we have to or this will go on and on forever.

Love, dignity and respect will not stop this kind of evil, only a concerted and committed fight to protect to the innocent will.

If we teach our children the truth about the terrorist attack in (insert location here), they’ll understand what the world is really facing.

If the children can grasp this, maybe the media and politicians can too – – before they sacrifice our children to a war they refuse to acknowledge.

*Please read “What ISIS really wants” by journalist Graeme Wood for a very in-depth and objective look at ISIS’ motivations. Excellent resource.

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