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December 14, 2017

Tipping conservative sacred cows with the Chicks on the Right

Finally, conservatives who aren’t old, stodgy, male or myopic about social issues!  The plain-speaking and witty Chicks on the Right are giving today’s conservatism a much-needed makeover and a healthy dose of “Lighten up, Francis.”

Daisy and Mockarena, aka The Chicks on the Right
Daisy and Mockarena, aka The Chicks on the Right

It felt as if I was sitting on my couch with two chicks who had just dumped a few gallons of pink paint all over a frat house porch.

And we were drinking margaritas. (Okay, they were drinking margaritas; I was downing Snapple.)

While talking about politics.

That’s the vibe you get when reading “Right for a Reason: Life, Liberty, and a Crapload of Common Sense, the new book by conservative bloggers and radio hosts Miriam Weaver and Amy Jo Clark. Better known as the Chicks on the Right, these ladies offer a great commentary that tips sacred cows and provides a voice for conservatives who are sick of beatdowns by mainstream media, broken promises from the GOP and infighting within our ranks.

Their brassy, articulate, well-researched and witty approach elicits more than a few “OMG, that’s how I feel!” bursts from folks who don’t fit conservative stereotypes, but are still passionate about the Constitution, small government and personal responsibility.

“Right for a Reason” is vehement about giving conservatism a long overdue make-over in look, attitude and tactics. The Chicks strongly believe conservatism is right for a strong, resilient, thriving free America, but it’s got a PR problem. As they state it, “We’re not all walking around with sticks up our backsides, so why is it we have to sound so much like buttoned-up, pretentious know-it-alls to get our message across?”

Preach it, sisters! The Chicks are plain-speaking, butt-kicking, stiletto-wearing women who refuse to be belittled, brushed off, or ignored by anyone – hyped-up liberal or haughty conservative.

They don’t expect foes or friends to agree with everything they say or do, and frankly, they’re not concerned about universal acceptance in this era of mandated political correctness and worship of the political elite. As “Right for a Reason” points out, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, what kind of education you received, who you sleep with, what color you are, or how your XX chromosomes make you a victim. No one is entitled to universal acceptance, nor should others be forced to offer it. Oh, snap!

“Right for a Reason” contains a lot of the testicular fortitude missing from today’s prominent conservatives. The Chicks say what they mean and mean what they say.  While I may not agree with all of their positions, they are wickedly good at giving you something to think about with solid research, reader-friendly writing, tenacity, and when necessary, merciless snark.

  • Free Speech: “When you’re being silenced, speak louder.”
  • Gun Control: “Pretending that the problem is guns is a lot easier than accepting that evil exists in this world.”
  • Abortion: “There’s pro-life or pro-abortion. That’s the choice.”
  • LBGTQIA: “Just be gay and stop making it the cornerstone of your existence already.”

You go, girls! It ain’t easy being conservative truth-sayers with ovaries, and haters will definitely try to drag the Chicks through the craptastic swamp of “Shut the (expletive)  up” opposition.  However, they’ll never succeed in silencing them because these ladies truly are “Right for a Reason.”

Read the book and then throw on a pair of fabulous butt-kicking heels, fellow chicks. The conservatism make-over starts with us.

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2 Comments on Tipping conservative sacred cows with the Chicks on the Right

  1. I like what they said about no one should expect universal acceptance, but on the other side of the coin, no one should be persecuted for who they are and what they believe. And it is a fine line to walk between non acceptance and active persecution.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I disagree about the “fine line to walk between non-acceptance and active persecution.” I believe the road is very wide between the two. It’s okay to disagree with a person’s choices and publicly or privately say so; however, too many people see this as persecution and the mentality has become “You’re being intolerant/ignorant unless you publicly embrace what I’m doing and say it’s okay.” The mentality is also, “We’re going to punish you until you do it.”

      For example, I vehemently disagree with culture’s efforts to hypersexualize our kids, and I speak out when this material is shoved in their faces and presented as “art,” “entertainment,” “modern,” or “fashion.” However, people like me are often ridiculed, vilified and threatened because we dare embrace a position that is not accepted by the “cultural elite” and we’re called names like “ignorant,” “prejudicial,” “slut-shamers,” etc. Just check out the old blog post “Dear Daughter, Let Miley Cyrus be a Lesson to You” to see how accepting our society truly is. It goes both ways.

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