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January 20, 2019

Who to contact when you need to stand up and speak out about an issue

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

When it comes to standing up, being heard and making a difference, you need to know the right people.

More specifically, you need to know how to reach the right people.

For example, who do you contact when:

  • A new government regulation is hurting your small business?
  • A standardized test is keeping your child from moving on to the next grade?
  • A live television show broadcasts obscene material?
  • Your house of worship is under fire for taking a stand on a social issue?
  • Government lobbyists are fighting against legislation that would benefit your community?
  • An inappropriate movie trailer is shown before a children’s movie?

Roadkill Goldfish has created a list of contact resources for several social, community and government issues. Please click the blue linked text below for more information.



  • Find out who runs the various public education groups in your state
  • Learn about U.S. education policy and your rights as a parent
  • Get support and resources for home schooling
  • Get involved with or against the education reform movement
  • Find a charter school
  • Get contacts for private education organizations such as faith-based schools, Montessori programs, independent schools and other groups
  • Explore various research studies and recommendations about education policies and practices


  • Get parent-friendly reviews on today’s television programs, movies, music, video games, books and computer apps
  • File a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission about obscenity, vulgarity or profanity on public airwaves
  • Learn what the ratings systems are all about – television shows, movies, video games and recordings
  • Respond to inappropriate or misleading advertisements

Faith and Religion

  • Find a national organization that advocates for your particular faith
  • Find legal representation for violations of religious liberty and other Constitutional freedoms
  • Learn about religious rights within the public schools


  • Find out who represents you in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives
  • See politicians’ voting records
  • Research proposed legislation
  • Identify what groups are lobbying on particular issues
  • Follow the money from various political action committees (PACs) and lobbyists
  • File a Freedom of Information Act request to get government documents and other information
  • See nonpartisan evaluations of government programs and policies

News Media

  • Identify the political leanings of various U.S. media outlets
  • Learn about journalists’ code of ethics and what you can do when they are violated
  • Strip away both liberal and conservative media bias with fact-checking organizations
  • Examine the truthfulness of government officials’ statements with fact-checking organizations

These resources are a work-in-progress. Please feel free to let me know what others should be added.

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