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January 27, 2021

Why are we afraid to speak out? The real America is bigger than you realize.

I’ve discovered an interesting fact over the last few days. I now know what America looks like. My graphic design skills are pitiful, but here’s the overly simplistic visual aid:

This is what America really looks like, and no, there is no hidden symbolism in the colors. I just like purple.
This is what America really looks like, and no, there is no hidden symbolism in the colors. I just like purple.

See the humongous section in the middle? That’s America’s Heartland – and it’s not based on geography. We’re talking about REAL America.  It’s the Average Joe and Jane who work hard to provide for themselves and their families. It’s ordinary people looking for work and seniors who are trying to get by after their working years are gone. It’s moms and dads doing their best to raise kids against a culture that thwarts their efforts. It’s volunteers who give their time, talent and money to make this world a better place. It’s me – and you.

See those people on the ends? They pretend we don’t exist. To them, our opinions do not matter.  We are woefully stupid, and they are supremely wise. Credibility comes only from Wall Street boardrooms, Washington’s elite, Hollywood studios and intellectual experts with no real world experience.

Maybe we really are that stupid.  We support these folks with our purchases, entertainment choices, votes and silent endorsement.  We don’t speak out for fear of being labeled or ridiculed. There are no state, racial, political or social boundaries in the Heartland, yet we allow them to pit us against each other, and then we blame each other for the fight.  Maybe they are right about us.

I confess I was stupid. I confess I allowed myself to be pitted against others. I never spoke too loudly because I was worried about the labels and ridicule, but then I was thrown into the spotlight when my Dear Daughter post struck a chord with millions of people. This was not something I sought or desired. I was content to write my little blog for friends and family and work a few PR jobs so I could help us meet household expenses. I had 15 minutes on the world stage, and those outside the Heartland called me every name in the book and ridiculed my opinions – but it didn’t hurt me. I was not psychologically destroyed nor scared into submission.

They did not hurt me because I knew my opinion DOES matter, and I am not stupid.  They did not hurt me because I knew I was not alone.

Here’s my take on things:  We need to stop beating the crap out of each other over our perceived differences and focus on what we have in common. This is our America, too. Our grandparents, parents, sons and daughters have fought for her and many paid the ultimate price. We have just as much of a right to be heard as a politician, CEO or actor.  So why are we just rolling over and taking it?

You have a voice, and it deserves to be heard. Don’t be afraid. Take it from a Heartland mama, the words may sting, but they will not destroy you.

You don’t have to write a blog or organize a protest. All you have to do is get involved in life. Take care of your family. Serve your community. Pray. Forget about all of these perceived differences and recognize the similarities. Do the right by others.

You are America’s Heartland, and you keep this heart beating.

15 Comments on Why are we afraid to speak out? The real America is bigger than you realize.

  1. Kim, Thanks for finding the courage to speak your truth because I do believe that when we find ourselves standing up to say something (when we find we are typically holding back) it usually is a universal truth. Likely those that verbally squirmed in response to your post were the ones most in need of hearing the message. Your bravery will be the seed of change on some scale and it will have rippling effects!

  2. I am glad you feel empowered to “make your voice heard.” But it is a myth that “coastal people” and elites are preventing “the heartland” from speaking up and being heard. A mth propagated by conservative media whose popularity is based in fearmongering and convincing the majority that it is under attack, that American Prosperity is a zero-sum game in which some must lose in some are to win — and it better not be “us” who loses.

    You are so right– our nation needs everyone to participate. But we’re in far more danger of people being disenfranchised by entrenched poverty, poor education, and consumer culture. My .02.

  3. if the name “America” is replaced with another name of a country in turmoil due to wrong doings by their leaders : say Philipines, Syria, Egypt, etc. —- the content of your message holds true to these other countries too.

  4. I have been very caught up in the politics of the day and have expressed my opinions on social media. Doing so is very important, but I am reminded often that only Christ can change the hearts and minds of America and not politics. Prayer works!

  5. AWESOME post! I live in Missouri now (yay Heartland) but went to one of the most (if not the most) liberal universities in America (Wesleyan, University in Connecticut) where I was constantly called stupid/close-minded for being a Christian and politically conservative. I’ve never understood the logic of the left saying they are open-minded, when they are open-minded to all ideas EXCEPT Christianity. I try to remain connected with those (in blog-world and in real-life) whose political ideas differ from my own and be accepting and not judge the actions or beliefs of others. I like to find common ground (like art, gardening and food) where the heated disagreements are kept at bay, because as you probably WELL know, it can be exhausting!

  6. You are a awesome lady. I teach young women in my church. Today the lesson is called “How can I be in this world but not of this world?” It is a powerful lesson about holding to the standards that the Lord has set for our lives. Each Sunday all the young women and the leaders stand and stay the following Faith • Divine Nature • Individual Worth • Knowledge • Choice and Accountability • Good Works • Integrity • and Virtue

    We believe as we come to accept and act upon these values, we will be prepared to strengthen home and family, make and keep sacred covenants, receive the ordinances of the temple, and enjoy the blessings of exaltation.

    As parents and grandparents, we need to instill strong values in our youth are to be righteous and strong. Thank you for taking a stand.
    PS I wish Fox news, (which I love) would STOP showing over and over the dance seen that began this conversation in the first place.
    Trudy Robinson

  7. Just saw you on Fox and Friends and came to your blog. GO GIRL!! My children are in their 20’s now, and I am so thankful. I have always taught my children if you don’t like something, MAKE CHANGE. It only takes one person to start a change, and you are so right our voice DOES count. Thank you for being brave enough to speak out.

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